Saturday, August 05, 2006

Latest news on Iraq and the Dinar

Let me begin with the bad news. I guess we have all seen the talks about Iraq heading into a civil war if the vilolance continuous to rise in Iraq. Of course there were signs for that earlier, but never outspoken so directly by some top US leaders and generals.

This is something we all hope will not happen! Not for the people in Iraq, not for the Iraqi dinar, not for the soldiers stationed there and most certainly not for the future of Iraq.

There was also some good news this week.

Most articles I could find on the 3 zero's lobbing where negative. I think this is taken of the agenda now. I believe the dinar will stay the same.

Another positive thing this week is that in all chaos at least Iraq's central bank offers some stability!

That's it for now, please post a comment if you have thoughts, news or whatever you would like to share about Iraq and the Iraqi dinar.


Marcel Heersema