Sunday, November 05, 2006

Latest internet findings on Iraqi Dinar

There was a lot of publishing on the dinar and Iraq lately. I skimmed through all and found these the most interesting for you all:

More and more conservative commentators are turning against Iraq, that the US should leave. Read here why they are wrong in the eyes of Jeffrey T. Kuhner, contributor of the Washington Times.

Good news from Tokyo, vital reconstruction loans to Iraq!

More help from US, the European Union and Saudi Arabia.

Doubling oil exports by 2010 as 'conservative' aim, according to Iraq´s Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih.

Article about the exchange rate of the Iraqi Dinar against the US Dollar.

Nice overview of Blogs from Iraqi´s, gives you some insight of life in Iraq.

Soldier leaves coin with school pen pals, just nice to read!

Economics in Iraq not as bad as it seems, just overshadowed by the violance.

That´s it for now. Have a great week ahead!


Marcel Heersema
Iraqi Dinar


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Let's just hope for us dinar owners and of course Iraq and all Iraqi's that these people who want to leave now don't get their way!

Thanks for the nice links!

Regards Ismael

5:05 AM  

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