Sunday, September 17, 2006

Latest news and articles about Iraq and the Iraqi dinar

Dear reader,

Here are this weeks interesting articles and news about Iraq and the dinar:

- The Unique Situation of the Iraqi Dinar
About why the Iraqi dinar is positioned for a huge rise in value. Very interesting!

- Iraqi dinar between the illusion of zeros and the game of economy
Some more explaination about the 3 zero's probably not going to happen.

- Jordan expected to sign free trade agreement with Iraq
Things are happening more and more for Iraq, this is an example of that!

- Iraq Oil Minister To Visit Australia Next Week
Iraqi President Travels to Colorado
Again, Iraq is on the move!

- Dinar Quagmire
Of course not everybody is positive about the Iraqi dinar and I do not want to withhold.

- Two billion iraqi dinar Compensations for Shorja Fires and Robbed Banks
About insurance and it's importance for Iraq.

- Iraq Central Bank: Reserves enough to support Iraqi dinar
The dinar is still in compliance with the International Monetary Fund!

That all for now, have a great week!

Regards Marcel
Iraqi Dinar Opportunity


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