Friday, July 21, 2006

Local Investors and Civil Affairs Help to Boost Economy in Iraq

Blackanthem Military News, TIKRIT, Iraq, July 20, 2006

"Iraqi private investors are seeing a future in their own country’s economic growth and are jumping in to help the economy in multiple ways.The Iraqis are financing a unique business in the Salah Ah Din province, a water and soft drink bottling company. This new company is getting most of its financing from the Al Jaborah Company with the additional financing coming from local business men."

These are the things that really matter for rebuilding Iraq in my opinion. As the Iraqi's themselves gain confidence and start to invest it will be also very good for the rate of the Iraqi dinar!

Regards Marcel

PS: I like comments, why don't you? These are 'only' my own opinions and I am curious for yours!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that The Minister of Finance of Iraq will only support the ID when he is allowed to. If he does it too soon there will be a mass bail out of thousands of DOD contractors, many very large companies will loose face by not being able to replace the body count fast enough, the war effort will loose, The president of America will loose face. I think that is why it stopped at about 1400. Supporting the ID will have to be timed with several things, the most important being some type of treaty. The insurgents will never get all they want, but we can pull back to just a couple bases and send thousands of troope home, if they hold off the aggrression and let the Iraq Government give it a try. If done with the right timming everybody wins; The insurgents get what they have been asking for (mostly), we pull out. The Iraq Government gets what they want, a chance to gain the confidence of the people and grow a strong country with a strong monitary system. The US led collition gets what the want (partly), a peacefull Iraq, and the US President gets to celebrate in the streets a victory (temporarly maybe). The Iraqi people get what they want, a chance to make a difference in their own lifes. And last but not least, all of those who have choosen to trade in ID will gain the chance to make a bundle.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Marcel....
I asked at a local bank last week how much the 100,000 ID was worth and the teller said $60.00. However, the foreign currency exchange dept told me that sometime in 2007, 50,000 ID is projected to be worth at least $30,000 US dollars. True or False?

8:06 PM  
Blogger Marcel Heersema said...

It is hard to say when but in my opinion the numbers your bank mentioned can be accomplished. Maybe not yet in 2007. It depends on a lot of things. Will the violance in Iraq end soon? Will the covernment keep their heads together? It is only speculation, nobody can look in the future.

I think the US won't just leave Iraq and then leave them in despair. They will keep helping them till stability is there and then the economy of Iraq will rise and with it the Iraqi dinar.

Regards Marcel

12:24 AM  

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