Saturday, July 08, 2006

For US residents: Iraqi Dinar Exchange Direct Now Open

Iraqi Dinar Exchange Direct is now open to exchange Iraqi Dinar for dollars, posting the current official exchange rate for Iraqi Dinar, and offers news and information about the Iraqi Dinar Exchange updated daily.

Delano, MN (PRWEB) July 7, 2006 -- Iraqi Dinar Exchange Direct is now open. Iraqi Dinar Exchange Direct is now open to exchange Iraqi Dinar for Dollars. They also post the current Current Official Exchange Rate for Iraqi Dinar there daily. They have news and infomation about the Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate also updated daily.

Iraqi Dinar Exchange Direct currency service is designed to give any investor in the Iraqi currency a way to collect their profits, if the value of the Iraqi money rises before Iraq opens the Dinar for international exchange. This is a service to Residents of the US to exchange their Dinar for US Dollars. They will also find the most current information on the dinar currency exchange rate and news about the Iraqi Dinar updated daily.

Lately there have been many rumors and speculation about Iraq zero lopping the Dinar and some Dinar currency investors are concerned that Iraq might change the Dinar. Iraqi Dinar Exchange offers a service that will enable Dinar investors to convert their currency to the new version so they are not left holding old Iraq currency. This fits Iraqi Dinar Exchange's mission to help investors in the New Iraqi Dinar realize profits and secure their investment in the face of changes and uncertainty.


Blogger James said...

This ought to be interesting. I am still waiting to see just how Iraq is going to lob off three zeros, just like that to make the Dinar equal to one dollar.
I am skeptical.

5:20 AM  

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