Monday, December 12, 2005

Reconstruction of Iraq without Asset Stripping

Reconstruction of Iraq's Economy without resorting to mass Privatization Asset Stripping. Sterling-Bond, UK escrow company propose issuing an Iraqi Oil Bond to raise funds for reconstruction of the Iraqi nation.

Sterling-Bond, a private UK-based escrow services company has made a radical proposal to the debate on how best to pay for and undertake the reconstruction of the post-war Iraq economy and national infrastructure. At its heart is the suggestion of issuing an Oil Bond to pre-sell a portion of the nation's oil reserves and pay for the rebuilding of the country's infrastructure, its oil industry and much else.

The company believe that this solution offers an more effective means of fund-raising from the international finance community rather than what may turn out to be a "fire sale" of Iraq's national assets by the Allied powers of Britain and American in co-operation with the interim Iraqi government.

The problem with privatization is that any assets sold now would be grossly undervalued and this would be deemed in the eyes of the world to be highly offensive to the Iraqi people. However, an Oil Bond, if managed well, could raise substantial funding for the next ten year's worth of reconstruction while the nation recovers and becomes healthy enough to decide its own fate.

As such Bond issues are common in the financial community the capacity for raising thousands of millions of pounds for the country's reconstruction is available immediately. Such funds need only then be managed effectively to ensure a "best spend" strategy for the benefit of the country without further draining the resources of either Britain or America.

Further information can be found at the company's web site:


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