Friday, August 19, 2005

Great Audio Messages at my FreeDinar site!

Dear friend,

I just received a very good update with a link to 3 very good audio messages!

Regards Marcel.

WOW! That was a powerful call last night. If you were unable to be on the call, you really missed out. I was able to share some powerful new information about other examples in history. But don't fret! We have it RECORDED. :) So, look for that recording up on audio some time next week.

Also, for the past 2 months I have been working on the best way to share this with others. Trying to find out how to share it, what to say, and how to say it. I believe I've nailed it down! Thanks to those who participated Greg Stewart & Keith Wellington! I appreciate it. I want to share with you a new tool for sharing this business with others.

This is part of your Corporate Site and will help you share the power of the Dinar. In addition, this is a great way to learn as well! Don't worry about trying to explain everything to folks. Send them to these 3 audios, and let them explain it for you. No one can use the excuse that they can't explain the Dinar, because now... I explain it for you!

And if you can believe it... MORE GOOD NEWS! Because of demand and the progress being made in Iraq we are selling over 100 Million Dinar each day! People are excited about the positive movement forward and everyone is trying to secure as much dinar as they can now, because there is no way to really know exactly when the World Bank will peg the value of the Dinar.

Be sure that you don't put off securing your dinar before it is too late! Set a goal for the amount of dinar you would like to have, and pace yourself. Buy a chunk of Dinar each month until you reach your goal.

Because of the growing demand the 1 Million Dinar and 10 Million Dinar packages have slightly gone up in price. 1 Million is now $860 and 10 Million is now $8350.
Over the next 4-6 months the price will increase from time to time based on demand and value set. Be sure you don't wait!

Things are heating up folks! This is the time to really push. School has already started in some places and is just about to start in others. We are entering the best time of the season to develop a business. People are settling back into a routine and life is less hectic. Summer vacations are over and folk are back to the grind and wishing there was a better way...
You know what that "Better Way" is. Don't keep it to yourself!

Share Dinar...

To Your Success,

Mel AtwoodVice President of Communication