Thursday, December 22, 2005

See a More Positive Perspective on the Situation in Iraq Today

BookSurge proudly announces the publication of the
"Enigma of Iraq" by James Mayfield.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) November 5, 2005 -- BookSurge announces the publication of "The Enigma of Iraq," by James Mayfield.

Why are Americans bombarded with images of non-stop violence, when upwards of 80% of the country—including local governments, schools, hospitals and markets, water and electricity, sewage and roads, etc. are functioning? Why is the media using scare tactics to sway public opinion? According to Middle East expert James Mayfield, we can answer these questions only by redirecting the focus away from the violence and toward the quotidian, the daily living of Iraqi citizens, over 60% of whom voted in an election fraught with violence and fear.

James Mayfield, former Director of Local Government Development in South Central Iraq, is deeply concerned about the validity of news dispensed to the American public. Only by receiving valid news can we fully understand Iraq.

In "The Enigma of Iraq," the author presents a comprehensive overview of the diverse groups that constitute this volatile nation. Who are the Shi'a and the Kurds? How do the Sunni and the small minority of Christians coexist?

In order to further clarify the situation, Mayfield focuses on four primary questions:1. Can we justify our presence in Iraq?2. What have we accomplished?3. What do the terrorists hope to accomplish?4. Will our presence make democracy possible?

The "Enigma of Iraq" not only sheds light on these debates, but puts forth solid arguments from the principal participants. For anyone interested in a more positive perspective about Iraq, this book is a must-read.

About the Author:James Mayfield dedicated forty years of his career as a consultant and professor in the Middle East. An expert on rural village development, this Professor Emeritus in Political Science and Middle East Studies now works as a consultant for the USAID in Jordan and Egypt, where he works on Local Government Reform, with a focus on good governance and democratization.

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