Thursday, November 24, 2005

Investing in New Iraqi Dinar? Online Price Comparison Highlights Lowest Price Dinar Dealer

Price Comparison among 5 major New Iraqi Dinar dealers online find Why Buy Dinar has the lowest prices.

Delano, MN (PRWEB) August 10, 2005 -- Anyone investing in the New Iraqi Dinar wants to do so with an established and registered currency dealer. They want great service and a Dinar dealer who will stand behind the authenticity of their product with more than just their word. Smart investors also want to invest in the New Iraqi Dinar at the lowest prices.

We researched 5 of the primary New Iraqi Dinar dealers online and compared their prices. Consistently, Why Buy Dinar offered the lowest prices on New Uncirculated Iraqi Dinar notes among the New Iraqi Dinar dealers compared.

Why Buy Dinar was the only dealer that offered a triple-your-money-back guarantee that the Dinar they sell is Authentic New Iraqi Dinar.

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Why is buying the New Iraqi Dinar such a great investment? The Iraqi Dinar has long been a strong currency. Right now it is at a historically low rate. It is a similiar situation to what happened in Japan and Germany after World War II. Their economies were rebuilding so you could buy up their currency very cheaply. Once their economies got back on track, anyone who had taken advantage of that opportunity became extremely wealthy. The US Government has invested over 200 Billion Dollars in the future of Iraq so far. They have committed another 18 Billion Dollars in Reconstruction Aid. That is more than $2000 per US Household. Are you in a position to directly profit from that investment? You are if you buy New Iraqi Dinars.

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Contact: Matthew Yonan, Why Buy Dinar,6020 Farmington Ave SE,Delano, MN 55328.(612) 805-6598


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