Friday, November 25, 2005

Investing in Foreign Currency Increases Iraq's Future Prosperity

Buying the new Iraqi Dinar earns profits by investing in the future of Iraq. Purchasing this foreign currency also supports American troops and helps Iraqi children.

Delano, MN (PRWEB via PressReleaseHelp) July 27, 2005 -- Ask anyone if they could envision themselves investing in foreign currency, especially the Iraqi Dinar, and they would probably look at you as if you'd asked whether they'll ever travel to Pluto some day. Yet a new program from enables the average person to buy Iraqi currency, boost Iraq's prosperity, support American troops in Iraq and also help their own future prosperity in the bargain.

How does buying the Iraqi Dinar help Iraq? Iraq's new currency came out in October 2003. People buying this form of foreign currency with U.S. dollars have helped the Iraqi Dinar more than double in value since then.

“This means that people who get paid in Dinar, like Iraqi government workers, police, and security forces, can afford to buy more things they need and enjoy being a lawful part of their new society,” says Matthew Yonan, founder of Why Buy Dinar (, a federally registered foreign currency dealer. “Prosperity in the new Iraqi democracy helps to promote liberty and erodes support for the terrorist insurgency."

To enable average Americans to support the troops, promote prosperity in Iraq, help Iraqi children and increase their own future prosperity at the same time, Why Buy Dinar developed an attractive card that contains a 1,000 Iraqi Dinar note. Whether people decide to buy the card for themselves or give it to others as a gift, 50% of the profits go directly to Operation Iraqi Children. Operation Iraqi Children provides school supplies, blankets and shoes to the troops to hand out to Iraqi kids. It was founded by actor Gary Sinese and author Laura Hillenbrand in March 2004.

“Eventually the holders of this 1,000 Dinar note pack will benefit as Iraq regains its oil production and economy. Those who help out by buying the Dinar today will profit at that time,” Yonan says.

Each colorful card pack, including the 1,000 Iraqi Dinar note, normally sells for just $10 (including shipping). For a limited time they are having a special and they sell for $5. The card includes an explanation of historical background, why someone would want to have the Iraqi Dinar, how the Dinar will become more valuable in the future, and where Dinar will be able to be exchanged for other types of foreign currency. For images of the cards, how to order, or further information, please visit or

Contact: Matthew Yonan Why Buy Dinar6020 Farmington Ave SEDelano, MN 55328.(612) 805-6598


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