Monday, October 10, 2005

The New Iraqi Dinar... This (1) One 25,000 Note had a Pre-war Value of Over $75,000 USD

by AnonymousJuly 29, 2005

(ContentDesk) July 29, 2005 --

With phrases such as the headline above, online currency businesses have seen their sales of the new Iraqi currency explode (no pun intended) by catering to the desire in us all to be rich. It all boils down to the notion that history has a way of repeating itself and prior instances of war profiteering through currency speculation will present themselves once again with this "investment"...Or is it "gambling?"

The problem isn't that they are selling the Dinar so much as it is the huge gouging they are dealing in the process. For example, a quantity of 100,000 Dinar can be bought at cost for about $67 USD. However, if you went looking to purchase from a dealer online or at eBay, you can expect to pay over $105 for the same amount and, on top of that, they charge an outrageous amount to mail it to you ($5-plus) for the cost of a stamp and envelope. Fed-up and mad! Enter the hero known to many simply as "Mr. Vaseline".

The unusual name bestowed from a metaphoric use of the petroleum jelly product in his ads. I can tell you it got my attention...Yikes! Armed with such caveats as "Don't let the dinar seller's bend you over again," and great knowledge garnered through the collective research of many bright minds in the Dinar arena, he has set-out to do battle with the evil forces that misrepresent this opportunity and slay the price gouging army.By marketing his book appropriately titled: "Are You Paying Too Much For New Iraq Dinar / Iraqi Dinars" online at eBay (username "jonniedrum"), Google, and other areas where Dinar peddlers lurk and plunder; many potential victims have been educated on the ups, downs, ins, and outs of the New Iraq Dinar as a speculative opportunity.

Feedback from buyers has been exceptionally positive and eBay has recognized his work with their Verified Right's Ownership program (VERO), taking swift action on those who attempt to infringe the copyright! In a recent interview, Mr. Vaseline was quoted as saying "I am always shocked and humbled when a doctor, lawyer, banker, or CEO of some big company emails me to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this available!"Recently reaching the 1,000 copies sold milestone since beginning his crusade last November, this might be one purchase well worth making if you are looking at the New Iraq Dinar.

However, if you are brave and choose to make the journey alone, Mr. Vaseline's advice is simple..."Keep it greasy so it goes down easy.".

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