Monday, September 19, 2005

Article on booming GSM business in Iraq

MTC Atheer to increase investment in Iraq to $430 million by year-end to meet growing demand

The mobile telecoms market in Iraq will become one of the largest mobile markets in the Middle East by the end of the year, according to Ali Al Dahwi, General Manager of MTC Atheer.

United Arab Emirates: Monday, September 12 - 2005 at 16:57 GMT+4

The company, which currently operates the GSM network in southern Iraq and Baghdad, is rapidly expanding its infrastructure and increasing investment in the country to a total of $430 million, to meet this booming demand.

MTC Atheer launched services in southern Iraq in March 2004, and today has over 900,000 subscribers both in the South and Baghdad. As demand for mobile services in Iraq grows, MTC Atheer is increasing its investment in network infrastructure by 40% by the year-end, in order to be able to cater for an expected 1.5 million customers.

'The potential for development of the mobile services market in Iraq is much greater than initial studies suggested, and the growth so far has been huge. By the end of the year Iraq will have attracted four million mobile subscribers users in under two years, a phenomenal rate of growth,' said Al Dahwi. 'Iraq has a great opportunity to surpass most of the developing Arab states, so long as security can be achieved and development continues at a good pace.'

Al Dahwi was speaking at the Middle East, Gulf and North Africa GSM Conference, being held in Dubai on 11-12th September. He discussed the challenges that MTC Atheer has had to overcome to build its network in Iraq, including the need for round-the-clock site security, a lack of suitable sites and site access, unreliable power supplies, and the need to import network equipment. Growth in Iraq has also been mostly demand-based rather than planned, due to a lack of market information and population data. The company has managed to exceed its planned targets for Iraq however, reaching 500% greater subscriber numbers and 450% more capital investment that its original commitments.

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