Friday, August 26, 2005

Again, nice Iraqi Dinar reading here!

Hi again!
Nice reading here:

The CPA insists that the Iraqi dinar is very stable. However, I'm uncertain how to interpret the short-term volatility. (Check out the pictures in the link above). UPDATE: The best collection of images and links on the New Dinar can be found at A whole bunch of people are speculating on the New Dinar:

Steve Foran headed to Iraq in January for risky but lucrative work as a truck driver, running a fuel tanker on dangerous highways with a soldier riding shotgun and hopes of banking $60,000 or more for the year.

But now he thinks he has found an Iraqi payday that could dwarf his Halliburton contract.

Like thousands of other U.S. contractors and troops -- and stateside Americans drawn by Web pitches from newborn businesses with names like -- Foran is taking a chance on the new Iraqi dinar.

Today, the colorful currency that replaced banknotes bearing the portrait of Saddam Hussein isn't worth much. A dollar will buy about 1,000 dinars -- more if you're in Iraq, fewer if you're sitting safely in the United States.

But next month? Next year? Once Iraq is a stable democracy pumping oil like nobody's business? Who can say what the payoff might be?

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