Tuesday, August 30, 2005

About Iraqi Dinar

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This piece is taken from the freedinar site and gives you a good overview:

How would you like to turn $100 into $32,000?
It's happened before, and it can happen again!

Prior to the Gulf War the Iraqi Dinar was valued at $3.22 per Dinar. This was under Saddam's rule, with huge world debt and little if any foreign reserves.

Right now you can buy 100,000 of the New Iraqi Dinar (IQD) for about $100. The reason for this is because the IQD's value hasn't been determined or set by the world bank.

Kuwait's dinar was valued as high as $3.00 prior to The Gulf War. After the war Kuwait printed new currency the World Bank set the value at 10 cents per Kuwait dinar. Now that value has again risen to $3.49.

Imagine if you had bought $1,000 in Kuwaiti Dinar you would have made $34,900.

If you do research you will find that after any major conflict dramatic drops in the country's currency takes place. The currency usually rebounds as the country rises from the rubble of war.

Today Iraq is actively working to build a strong foreign reserve. This is key in having a strong international exchange rate. Their first step in this effort was to deposit 5 billion U.S. dollars with the U.S. Treasury, earning them over 150 million dollars a year in interest.

Today Iraq's world debt has continued to shrink. The U.S. has forgiven all Iraqi prewar debt and all post war reparations. The Paris Agreement has led to a majority of countries, including Russia, forgiving Iraq 85% of debt owed to them.

Iraq is a country with vast resources not only in gas and oil. With two great rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates running through Iraq, it has huge amounts of fertile land. With investments growing in Agricultural programs Iraq is poised once again to be the bread basket of the Middle East.

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