Wednesday, August 17, 2005

25 Things You Can Do With Iraqi Dinars

Dear opportunity seeker,

Here are some great ideas for you to do with Iraqi Dinars:

1- Give all family members 25,000 to 50,000 Iraqi Dinar for birthdays, (your cost $25 to $50) Imagine giving to a 10 year old telling them this can buy them a new car their 16th birthday.

2- Do you have large credit card debit? Then buy Iraqi Dinar now to assure you can pay it off in the future.

3- Imagine giving Dinar as a birthday gift to pay for a Childs college education.

4- Imagine giving an Iraqi Dinar note to pay for a future wedding. Imagine giving it as a wedding gift to purchase a home or a cruise in the future.

5- Imagine giving to the family of a newborn, stating "do not cash until you are 18", it could buy the baby a home, a car or college.

6- Do you and your friends want your children to have braces, private school, and a new car at 16? Then buy Iraqi Dinar now.

7- Give Iraqi Dinar as Birthday gift to a 40 or 50 year old so they can retire early.

8- Give Dinar as a baptism gift for a secure financial future of the child. ie: private school, braces, and a nice car at 16.

9- You can let people know you are a millionaire when you buy One Million in Dinar.

10- Give it as an anniversary gift this year knowing it will be able to purchase diamonds, trips and travel, payoff mortgages, automobiles and life insurance in the future.

11- Use it for future expenses you and other family may insure for aging loved ones that will need nursing care in their later years.

12- Gift it now with instructions to hold and then purchase a multi-million dollar life insurance policy.

13- Fund your retirement program with it.

14- Gift it now for final expenses of aging loved ones so the burden is not on the family. (have each family member buy a small amount of dinar to cover expenses for the aging loved ones you care about)

15- Donate to your favorite charities with instructions to hold it. (you could be the largest benefactor if they hold it long enough)

16- Gift it in your name to Silent auctions and events that raise money for charitable causes with instructions to hold it until it is worth a large value. (you could be the largest benefactor if they hold it long enough, and take the benefactor credit from the organization)

17- Do you have a small business, yet a big dream for it? Buy a small amount Iraqi dinar to hold for 3,4,5,6 years to expand your business and or buy out your competitors.

18- Most Churches, schools, charitable organizations, universities, hospitals etc. have growth plans of expansion looking 10 years to the future ie: new buildings, wings, gymnasiums, athletic fields, music buildings, science and art buildings, pool complexes etc. How would you like to have that new building or wing dedicated to you?

19- Start a fund drive for all to purchase a small amount of Iraqi Dinar, have all gift it to the cause with instructions to have the cause hold it and in 10 years you have a wing, building, athletic field, music or art building, pool complex, name after you! (ask the organization if they will name the wing, building, athletic field, music or art building or pool complex in your behalf if you raise the needed money. Realize many people buying small amounts of Iraqi Dinar will bring 10 to 20 million dollars and more if held.

20- Create a fund drive for whatever cause you wish to fund, raise the money first, telling the Iraqi Dinar growth potential story, then buy Iraqi Dinar and hold it, to accomplish the need. (with you receiving the credit for raising millions of dollars)

21- If you have a child that you wish to have a secondary education from an Ivy league school or any fine school such as Stanford or Berkley etc. Buy Iraqi Dinar now.

22- Do you have large credit card debit? Then buy Iraqi Dinar now to assure you can pay it off in the future.

23- Did you refinance your home with a negative amortization loan, interest only loan, or any loan that ties to future prime rates that are increasing and will continue to increase? Then buy Iraqi Dinar now to protect your home and cover the increased payments and or balloon payment to come.

24- Many of your friends have refinanced their home or investment property and are facing increased mortgage payments, they need to buy Iraqi Dinar and should hear about from you!

25- The idea is simple. Buy some Dinar. Put it in a nice box or envelope (unsealed) and include this letter or a similar one. This was written as an addition to a child's future education funds. But, you could use it as a gift for nearly anything. Imagine how your niece or nephew or son or daughter or grand children or brother or sister will feel when they open it up 5-15 years from now and find out that it'll cover their whole education, trip's around the world, a mission, or even a nice start in a NEW home with their spouse when they get married.

This was taken from the FreeDinar site.

Regards Marcel


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